The Chairman's Message


It is difficult to believe that 20 years have gone by since we set up the Palmhouse Foundation! What a phenomenal journey it has been!

When I look back to the first 6 students selected in 2003, and look at the 75 selected in 2018, and the nearly 800 so far benefitted, I can only say “truly this far the Lord has brought us”.

I salute the efforts of the many partners in this journey-trustees, advisory board members, sponsors, and supporters at all levels. The trustees have continued to serve selflessly by donating their time and resources. The advisory board continues to be a great source of inspiration and networks. Our sponsors have stuck with us all along!

Our Mission “To finance the secondary education of deserving students and mentor them through life” is right on schedule as we see it realized before our very eyes. The students continue to perform within our strategy with over 90% securing university/college entry. We have many in prestigious universities/colleges both locally and internationally. The mentorship of our students is perhaps one without equal and we continue to see the benefits in the final product we release to higher education and into the society.

Our Vision “To enable deserving students to realize their dreams, transform their lives, their families and society” is also within our grasp. Our alumni continue to stand out in college, work and entrepreneurship. We have even witnessed the wedding of two of our alumni to each other! Perhaps the most gratifying part is to see some of our former students return to fund the education of other needy students either directly or by contributing to the Endowment Fund. Paying it forward is perhaps the greatest measure of success for any beneficiary of Palmhouse Foundation!

As we look into the second half of the second decade, I am more than certain that our dreams and aspirations will be more than achieved!

Thank you for being part a great success story!

Eric Kimani
Chair, Board of Trustees