Our Strategy Outline

Our Guiding Values


We shall conduct ourselves in an open and transparent manner providing opportunities to hold us accountable to our commitment and values.


Whilst we shall call upon supporters to partner with us, we shall ensure that all activities are conducted in a consistent manner and observe the highest standards.


We recognize that the strong bonds we will build will provide us unprecedented access to trustees beneficiaries, mentors and partners.


We shall give equal opportunities to all our beneficiaries, mentors and partners.


We shall seek to inspire others and look beyond our own lives to impact positively on society.


As trustees, mentors, beneficiaries and partners, we shall go about our various roles with evangelical vigour to fulfil our commitment to the Foundation.

Enjoy what we do

All of us: Trustees, beneficiaries, mentors and partners shall deliver this mission with pleasure and take every opportunity to share this joy amongst ourselves and all of those we interact with.

Integrity and Honesty

We shall bring to Palmhouse Foundation integrity of character, behaviour and modus operandi that is beyond reproach.


We shall build lasting relationship with our beneficiaries.

Strategic priorities and related key result areas